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The terms of your agreement with BCS stipulate the financial guarantees offered by BCS relating to the quality of our services, and enable companies to transfer financial liability for the quality of their accounting processes to BCS.


BCS team holds professional accountancy certificates and has a significant experience in the given area. We put a huge amount of effort into developing professional skills and ensuring that we retain our staff. BCS specialists possess equally profound knowledge of the specifics of financial and tax accounting, tax, labor and migration legislation.

A broad spectrum of services and a flexible approach

Financial outsourcing: Depending on the challenges facing your business, you can either take advantage of our full financial outsourcing package or simply outsource individual processes and accounting tasks. We can offer a range of solutions taking into account the specific needs of your business.   HR outsourcing: BCS offers a unique integrated model covering the entire lifecycle of an employee – from the selection of a candidate to fill a vacancy to the moment the employee leaves the company, including payroll accounting processes and HR administration.   Business support: BCS provides legal, migration and business consulting services for its clients. 


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